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Learn About Publishing in Magazines at the Young Authors’ Conference

If you’re looking to learn about the magazine publication process, look no further than the student volunteers who will be at the Young Authors’ Conference. They have taken specialized classes that have taught them the ins and outs of publishing – and one class in particular you may want to ask them about!

MSU offers a great course in which you experience the world of magazine publishing! ing magazine is an entirely student-run publication funded by M3 Group of Lansing. Students in WRA 470 to learn about being and become an editorial staff member. They write, copyedit, developmental edit, take visuals and design layouts.

ing is an arts and culture magazine that reaches MSU students and East Lansing residents. Content ranges from lists of events in the area to features on student groups and local citizens. Students have embraced the chance to see their name in print and show an incredible drive to expand the magazine’s reach and push ing to its full potential.

“I always knew I wanted to write, but it’s difficult when you’re younger to figure out where you might fit in the publishing world. Working on ing has reaffirmed my decision to break into the world of magazine editing and publishing. I have real work to show potential employers, and it doesn’t hurt to have hard copies of what you’ve been doing in college to show off at family gatherings,” said professional writing student Riley Cortright.

What could this mean for you? At the Young Authors’ Conference there will be many MSU volunteers who are directly involved with ing. You can seek them out and they will be happy to tell you all about their experience in magazine editing and publishing. Whether you’re looking to write novels or articles, these students have firsthand knowledge of publishing that can help you on your journey forward as a writer.

Here is a link to the website of ING magazine!

By: Laurie Link

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25 Things Every Character Needs

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Synonyms for “Said”

Here at the Young Authors’ Conference we have what we like to call Thesaurus Thursday. A thesaurus is a book that lists words in groups of synonyms—words that mean the same thing. Using a thesaurus can help you choose more interesting or attention grabbing words that carry the same meaning as the word you were already going […]
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Lessons from an Author: What Young Writers Can Learn from Terry Pratchett’s Legacy

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